Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tube Alloys 2004

Music labels are bombarded by demos, more than they possibly can ever listen to. Sometimes a few demos rise above the onslaught and demonstrate originality and hold your attention. But a small label can't release everything on a CD. So what does one do with the good music that one gets and can't afford to release?

Tube Alloys is a project by Zan Hoffman (zh27.org) and Jeff Surak that combines, smelts, and delivers a new work derived from the best parts of some very good demos. Original material was provided by Alessandro Bosetti/Chris Forsyth (USA), Kuorinki (Finland), Fabio Selvafiorita (Italy), Jacob Ludvigsen (Denmark), and Palsecam (Poland). The sources were choosen and edited by Surak and processed by Hoffman. The result? Tube Alloys.

Listen to at archive.org
2 versions exist: the zeromoon edition above [20 min] and a zh27 version [30 min].